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Adjust premium sound system volume after changing head unit?


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.....I just pulled my stock radio as the code I've been given for it doesn't work. I put in my old Sony head with usb and aux input instead. Can't turn it up past 5! In my old car I'd normally have it up around 20.

Is there a way to turn the stock amplifier volume down so I can get a bit more control of the stereo volume?

It seems that every panel in the car needs a little something doing to stop it rattling like a 19 year old's Saxo in a supermarket car park. I'm old now, and want clarity of sound, not vibrating panels!

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I read something similar albeit talking about a p38 amplifier.

It seems the volume was last set quite high before the stock radio was removed and swapped for the one I have no code for. This might be better than having been left on zero, at least I can use the unit I've fitted up to number 6 before it gets too loud.

I might have see if I can find a service to extrapolate the radio code from the serial number on it.

The only other thing I can think of is to try and find a magic box to go in between the head unit and amp to drop the output by 20db or so, down to a pre-amp level or close to it.

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The system in the D2 and P38 is almost identical.

You could try if you can still adjust the volume with the code lockout engaged?

Hadn't thought of that. Good idea.

I've found a product that will do exactly what I want it to : the H2L (high to low) made by Autoleads. It's 50 quid, so if the volume adjust doesn't work I may try and replicate it using high to low 'line output converters', rca leads, iso leads, wire strippers and heat shrink insulation.

And a smoke detector

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