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Series 2a stub axle


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I am in the middle of replacing the stub axle on my S2a, but I am stuck and in need of some advice.

The stub axle is loose now and I can pull it off complete with the half shaft, but the 2 will not separate.

The stub axle moves up and down the half shaft but will not come off, it just seems to jam up on something (which I can't see).

I now have the stub axle and half shaft off the car but still can't separate them. I could just be brutal and hammer it off, but before I go down that road I thought I'd ask some of the experts in case I am missing something here.

The manual (not Haynes book of lies!) just says unbolt and remove!

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Front or rear all I can think of is burred drive flange splines? I must admit I cant remember how much clearance there is but I had a quick look at the parts manual and I can't see anything else?

Can you push the half shaft back through to check the diameter of them?


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The early front stub axles had a bronze bush in them as a bearing for the stub shaft.

On later models this bronze bush was skipped as it was originally for the serie 1 axles with tracta joints and not needed for the later half shafts with UJ's.

I don't know excactly when they skipped the bush but it was somewhere during the serie 2/2a production.

All i can think of (if its the front that is giving the problem) is that the wider part at the end of the splines on the stub shaft is slightly wider than the ID of that bush.

After that bush is pressed in to the stub axle it has to be reamed to the right ID and i know it is then a thight fit on the wider parts of the splines when you put the half shaft through.

If it is a rear half shaft then i don't know what the problem could be. The ID of the stub axles is slightly larger than the largest OD of the halfshaft.


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There are a number of subtle differences in both stub axles and the outer parts of the half shafts.

My guess here would be that you are running 24 spline outer shafts?

There are at least three different types of 24 spline outer shaft that I'm aware of, and you have to make sure the shaft matches the stub. The difference appears to be in the are that the bronze bush would sit as some one above said. There is a difference in the machining in this area, and what can happen is that the shafts can partially friction weld themselves to the stubs axles and burr up so that you can't get them apart. I've had this myself.

Beat them apart and you'll see what I mean.


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