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Clutch slave won't drain.

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Hello troops,

200Tdi 110 (1990 H) Slight dribble of fluid down the clutch pedal, I begun the procedure to replace the master cylinder, went to drain the slave with a tube etc. but nothing comes out at all when the pedal is pressed. The pot remains full, the cap is loose. The clutch functions perfectly so the pushrod must be working. Took the nipple out completely and it's dry, not blocked because I can see light through the hole.

Any ideas?

I expect it will be a case of draining it from the pipe and replacing the slave as well. Can't wait!

Thank you very much,


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But the clutch works.....

The only thing I can think is that the bleed hole in the slave is blocked..... its good practice to replace both at the same time anyway. ... For the cost of a slave just replace it. ... you won't be able to bleed it as it is anyway. .... and by the time you've dislodged some carp its bound to start leaking before long. ...

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And when refitting the slave make sure you install it with the bleed-nipple at the top!

I've 'helped-out' several "learning-challenged" types who've refitted the slave with the bleed-nipple at the bottom and after weeks of futile pumping discovered that fitted that way it can't ever be bled [remember, air-bubbles rise...].

Explaining to them the error of their ways comes at a price - usually a sesh at the local pub [with them paying my bar-tab of course: *warning* - I have seriously expensive tastes in single-malt whiskies].

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