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Chicken Drumstick

Help with some wiring please

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Hi. I've got two main issues at the moment on my Series III rebuild.

1. The ignition switch. During the dismantle it wasn't noted which wires went onto which terminals on the back of the ignition barrel. I think there are 5 spade terminals on the ignition barrel, but I have 7 available wires. Anyone able to give some pointers which go where?

There are:

2 x brown

2 x black/white

1 x white

1 x white/red

1 x brown/orange


2. Alternator wiring. I've fitted a 200Tdi and just want a hand/confirmation on what wires from the Series loom need to go to the alternator.


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http://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php?t=152451%C2'> this has a nice wiring diagram :)

Re the alternator you should have had an alt on the series3 so you will most likely have a 3 wire push in plug

the brown yellow goes to the small terminal and the other two brown wires go to the large terminal .

on the ign key the big brown is + and goes to the term 1 the red /white is start solenoid activation wire

white is feed to fuse box and in turn to green that goes to guages wipers (in other words ign switched items ) and also to white circuit that goes to alt light , coil if petrol , warning lights . IIRC the brown orange is heater reheostat feed so will come off same terminal as ign feed or accessory so that order of switching is off, accessory on, ign on , start . You will see that some of the terminals may be bridged into two spades HTSH

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As I recall, with the switch installed, the brown feed goes to the lower terminal nearest the driver, and the red and white wires both to the lower terminal nearest the bulkhead. I think the greens were to the top nearest the driver and the white the top nearest the bulkhead.

Mine had a thick and a thin white wire with red trace, buy you only appear to have the thick. The thin one was tot he big relay for the brake failure light, sending a test signal for a bulb check on every engine start. That brake failure circuit uses black wires with a white trace to the servo pressure switch, PWDA switch on dual line systems, and the hand brake warning switch (where fitted), so one of those in the photo may be for that instead of the thin white and red.

Mine also had a brown wire with orange trace behind the dash for the hazard lights, only fitted on late models, but I can't remember whether it ran from the back of the supply terminal (permanent live) or from another permanent live in the fuse box (where it now resides).

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By the end of the month I can look it up for you if you still have dangling wires.

I'm pretty sure the inside dash of my 109 SIII is pretty much untouched :)

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