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Calling Tony C - Heating Up A 200 Tdi?


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Mr Cordell,

The stuff you put together in the archive on the 300 TDI was great (I added the diagram from TST that had gone missing). Have you got anything or know where there is anything on the 200 TDI - I believe the injector pump is different? If the same pump, same process for de-restricting should apply, no? Any and all help welcome.

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I did a bit of fiddling with a 200Tdi a while ago and IIRC the bits were in much the same place and it certainly went better afterwards B)

Turbo boost is lower on a 200Tdi so arguably the best place to start would be to raise that from 12 (?) to 15psi same as a 300. That is assuming you can shift it without breaking anything after at least 11 years :unsure: I decided it was going to break and left it.

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I did it on my 200tdi quite recently. Upped the boost from 12psi to 16psi first, then took it for a drive without having changed the fueling. Didn't notice any real improvement at all to be honest. The next day I did the fueling mods and took off down the street. The difference was immediately noticeable. If fact the boost which was set to max at 16psi went straight up over 20psi by the first corner. :o Obviously the increased fuel=increase exhaust gas and therefore more boost. I went back home and made a few adjustments to bring it back down to 16psi.

The changes I made to the pump are:

1.5turns on the T-25 TORX screw (smoke screw)

90 degrees on the diaphragm

180 degrees on the star wheel

I removed the little plastic collar thingy altogether

I have tacho boost & egt gauges.

I have found that the difference is certainly worthwhile and makes the little tdi more livable in all driving environments. The only problem is that the egt gets too high on sustained freeway inclines. The engine now has enough power to maintain 110kph up the hills (which it certainly didn't before), but I still have to back off a bit and drop to a lower gear to avoid meltdown. Fuel use has gone from an average of about 27mpg to 21mpg. A price I'm quite happy to pay.

Oh, and my intercooler and exhaust system are both still standard...for now.

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I take it it's not much different from the 300 then..

From everything I've seen so far, all the pump adjustments are exactly the same. Even adjusting the wastgate on the turbo is the same method, only on a 200tdi Defender engine it's all a lot easier to get at because the turbo is up high.

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