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Don`t Panic!!!


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G`day all, don`t panic, all is under control. Well sort of. :rolleyes:

If you were wondering what happened to the forum, well I must confess, I lost it.

Yep a total blunder on my behalf, I was playing around last night and accidently transfered it into the international forum.

All being well it`ll all be sorted out tonight when I can get a spare bit of time.

Sorry about that all, no problems just and idiot at the wheel. :lol:

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OK all, after trawling thru 50 odd pages in the international forum I think I have recovered all the posts that I happened to loose. :o

If I have missed any threads please let me know and I`ll get them relocatd to their rightful place ASAP.

Reminder for myself: If it ai`nt broke don`t f**k with it. :D

Sorry about any confussion caused.

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You will have noticed Col me ol' mate, that neither Rick nor I have made any derogatory comments. And the strain is killing us! 

Naaa, the only reason I haven't said anything is that I haven't popped in for over a week. If Col had kept his trap shut, I'd be none the wiser. Of course, now that I know, I will try and refrain ...... :lol:

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