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Fitting hydraulic bump stops, X-Springs in the way


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Hiya all..

Decided to re-do some of the suspension on the Disco.

I am fitting Terrafirma mega sport long travel shocks all round and also thought I would fit hydraulic bump stops at the same time.

Thing is I have X springs in the rear (!!!) and they live where the bumps stops want to go..

So, I was thinking of fitting the rear bump stops in the Chassis instead, kind of where the original rubber bump stops are.

What are peoples thoughts If I drilled through the chassis and welded the bump stop mounting tubes in place so the new bump stops are fitted in the axle and acted on the original rubber bump stop axle plates ?

Of course I could always ditch the X springs and make my life easier but where is the fun in that ??



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Hi Simon,


didn't think of that !

Im at the workshop tomorrow so will have a look... cheers !!

I think the spring bit of the x-spring will be big enough might have to make the hole in the top hat bigger ? Would that be an issue ?

will whip off a spring tomorrow and have a look


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I've seen it done where they welded a plate on the top of the X-Spring it as a land for the bump stop.

That's a clever idea - didn't think of that!

The hole in the top of the X-Spring should be about 60mm.


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Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your ideas so far.

I couldn't get to the workshop today unfortunately, so i haven't had a chance yet to see whats what..

as soon as I can get down there I will let you know how its looking


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  • 2 weeks later...

Right then, a quick update.

I had a rare day off from my tour and managed to get to the workshop and have a poke around

The bumpstops themselves fit easily into the top hat of the X-spring


As do the brackets that hold the bumpstops in place


What I am concerned about is how the axle rotates as it travels down, my worry is that when the springs compress, the angle of the springs due to rotation might make the bumpstop miss the hole ( hope you understand what I mean )


for now I have removed the X-spring just so I can move on with the project


This is how it stands at the mo, large remote shocks and bumpstops are not an easy fit in a Disco but slowly its getting there.

When I get further on in the project I will try and fit the X-springs but for now im back on tour again so it will have to wait for a while


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I don’t suppose you could measure how high the rear bump stop protrudes the rear spring seat? 

as I have a 2 inch body lift and the rear arch lip has been trimmed back, so have more clearance than you have although probably not enough to prevent having to cut the arch.

and do you have one bump stop spacer fitted? 

thanks ! 


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Hi, will be at the workshop Monday and will measure it.

it has two spacers on the rear bump stops, not sure if that’s ok as I still haven’t finished yet !!

in fact I finally finished the engine about three days ago !! It’s only been six years !!!

hopefully I’ve attached a photo of the boxed in areas




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That picture is exactly what I was after, it’s bit of a shame as my internal fuel tank sits directly where the bumps stops come through the floor and judging by your boxes my two inch body lift will not make up for the difference.

I am a few years into my rebuild, surprising how long it takes! Hopefully i wilL finish sooner than six years though.....!



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