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speedo drive gears.

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I am pretty sure it is blue (just took a blue out of my 110 when replacing the transfer box) . It will be the same for either transfer box regardless of ratio. The only time it would change is if you change anything downstream of the transfer box such as tyre sizes or diff ratios.

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Thanks for the info much appreciated.

Yolandi 750 /16 should be the same height as 265/75/16.

What is your ratio aspect on the yokos that might be were you are getting the 5/6 mph. Although if memory serves me right the last time I had a working speedo it read + 5 mph more than a sat nav.

Check it with a sat nav if you can.

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not sure what an aspect ratio is bushwhacker, i have checked it against a satnav and seems to be consistantly 5/6mph faster, actually it devietes more at higher speed, fastest ever was speedo: 86 gps: 77

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