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Intermittent dashboard full beam warning light


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Hello all, first post and hoping for some help please!

My Y plate Discovery Td5 series 2 has failed it's recent MOT due to an intermittent tell tale full beam warning light in the dash (full beam and dipped headlights work fine, not affected). When you pull the lever stalk on the steering wheel towards you (to flash or switch to full beam) the blue dashboard light comes on very briefly (flickers once) and then goes out again. Likewise if you put the full beam on permanently.

To try and solve this issue I have so far done the following:

1. removed the light/indicator switch unit, opened it up and gave it a good clean with contact cleaner and refitted it. This appeared to briefly solve the problem but then reverted to flickering again..

2. replaced the light/indicator switch unit with a brand new one however this did not have any effect at all - same problem.

3.removed and replaced the bulb in the actual dashboard and checked the contacts in the bulb holder are secure - again no improvement.

I've run out of ideas and just wondered if you have any ideas about what to try next please? I was wondering whether it might be a relay, but am not sure where to start looking? Many thanks.

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Have you taken the vehicle to a garage where they can plug in the fault finding diagnostic tool? If there is a fault then you should be able to trace it from the fault code that shows up on the diagnostics screen and even sometimes if you press 'clear fault' on the machine it will cancel the fault and all will be well, ghost faults are quite common and the fault shown often has nothing to do with what is happening but another item being faulty causing another to appear faulty, if that makes sense. I had a fault that showed up as a faulty fuel cut-off valve on the injection pump but was actually traced back to a corroded electrical connection in the alarm/engine disable wiring.

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Sadly I don't think this would show up on diagnostics. Looking at the circuit diagram, it seems the warning light may be controlled by the IDM which is part of the under-dash fusebox. This is notorious for getting water in it which shorts out various things. Worth a check.

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