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Bit of an update and a problem

James NZ

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Hiya all,

I thought it time to do an update as we have added a few new discos to the fleet. A while ago my wife's TD5 was stolen. So we managed to find a very tidy '03 TD5 that had an impeccable service history. The guy even replaced a suspension air bag the day before we picked up the car. Its in silver and looked very smart until its first 4wd foray where my son (on Learner plates) decided to cut the corner and climbing out of a mud hole put a dent in the drivers door. Sigh!

With the handover off my old D1 V8 to my son I decided it was time to find a replacement for myself. So an '00 V8 seemed to fit the bill. Cheap enough and with a reasonable service history with major tasks been done as required. However somebody backed into the front bumper and took out a corner of it whilst under previous ownership. I think it got relegated to secondary usage as when we picked it up the spiders had made it home. Its dirty on the inside but looks smart enough externally. It certainly made the 1000km trip home no worries and fast enough and even averaged 15 L/100km under a heavy right foot. This vehicle is only a week old for us so is yet to get converted for off roading.

There is one thing I could do with a bit of help though. I can't find the diagnostic plug, at all, anywhere. I have taken the plastic kick tray out off the way for a damn good look but can't see it. On all our other D2's the plug is where its supposed to be, under the dash on the left hand side. But not on this one! Is there any other locations it could be? Any suggestions please.

Cheers, James NZ


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Hi Griff,

Looks like I didn't explain myself properly, oops! The plug on NZ vehicles is on the right hand side close to the transmission tunnel. So that would make it on the left side of the right hand side footwell. Is that better :D

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It should be under the drivers side lower dash, in plain view. if you lie with your head in the footwell and look up at the bottom of the dash you should clearly see it.

maybe its been moved?

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