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TD5 ABS system. what a crock - O - magnificence


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Does anyone else have this problem with their TD5 discoveries?

A lot of poeple in my social circle have TD5 discoveries, I can count ten almost straight away. And we all have the same issue.

It generally happens at low speeds and whilst turning, i.e. coming into a car parking space. You're on the brakes but not especially hard, just slowing or coming to a halt, then the ABS kicks in and pulls the pedal back off and you are no longer slowing down.

It happened to me a month or so back. someone pulled out in front of me and i was stopping just fine. All of a sudden the mighty helpful ABS system decided it wanted to play a part in the manouvre. all of a sudden i am no longer decelerating, much to the disappointment of both me and Mrs. Nissan Juke driver. and of course. she manages to hit my drivers door, wing and wheel.

It's happened to me a few other times on a not quite so damage incurring fashion. Pull into a space, realise not stopping, swear, heave off the steering wheel and almost bend the pedal double in order to stop.

Then again this afternoon. just went and fetched something with the trailer, got home, dropped it off and pulled back down into the main yard. I swung a left in order to reverse into a space. and lo and behold, (On DRY TARMAC and a WARM day) my brake pedal rises back up to the top and deceleration does not occur. Im shouting at the car and bending the pedal double and just manage to fight the ABS into submission in time to see the ajar stable door get flung shut after an impact with my bumper and coming to a halt about 4" from having to replace the whole door, frame and stonework surrounding it.

Extremely frustrated that this incident (and the car accident a month before) could have easily been avoided if i was either driving the series, or the disco didn't have ABS at all, i decided (rightly or wrongly) to pull the ABS fuse and replace it with a blown one. and of course, the disco knows what i'm playing at and decided that if you remove fuse number 28, it beep at you and refuse to start.

Is it legal to completely disable the ABS system and if so, is there a way of doing so without losing speedometer reading, TC and HDC?

Should have just stuck to driving the series!!! (Which has not been sold, just awaiting a bulkhead and some TLC)

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Sounds like the inlet valve(s) are sticking. From what I can see in the diagram, there doesn't appear to be a manual override like in the P38a, which is damn scary!

I don't blame you for wanting to unplug it...

is there a way of doing so without losing speedometer reading, TC and HDC?

Doubtful. Especially the latter two, as they'll use the same valves.

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Me neither. Six years and 50,000 miles and I've never ever had this problem. ABS has only kicked in when I've deliberately provoked it to check it still works.....

It's a little worrying that all your 10 friends have experienced it yet I've never heard of anyone else with the issue.

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This is common with a mis-placed or borderline//damaged ABS sensor, damaged ABS ring /CV, worn CV joint, duff wheel bearing with excessive movement.

If you hit a pothole, wheel rattles, upsets ABS signal, ECU thinks it is locked and backs off the brakes.

Personally I can't stand driving a car without ABS, especially round here with slithery lanes and random farmer/cow deposits, not to mention having to verge-it if someone is coming the other way. Braking on a slippery surface, and one that has traction on the left and not the right front wheel without ABS is EXTREMELY interesting! Normally involves the vehicle lurching towards the hedge, or oncoming traffic.

ABS kicks in pretty frequently under hard braking, just most of the time you don't notice as it is behaving normally and delivering tiny pulses to the system, and not the jolts caused by faults.

As above though, could also be the inlet valves sticking... I would pull the codes (I assume you can...) and go from there.

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I'm the opposite - must be age. And your lanes, up North, are so much drier, wider and smoother than ours. I loath ABS. Only reason for it is for traction control on a front wheel drive car - or what we refer to as a speed limiter....

For those who don't know, Bowie lives in The Vale Of Avalon, whereas I live on Sedgemoor; two flat wet bits divided by a range of hills called The Poldens. They are much the same except Sedgemoor is much nicer and doesn't taper into Glastonbury

I would also agree with him on what he said

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Some early DII's had questionable ABS software,but they normally work well enough,far better than the D1 system,which often hampers stopping.

I don't understand why people are so negative about the DII three amigo's and its system.All of the problems are well known and have documented fixes,the only problem I see is cheap wheel bearing/hub units with an incorrect tooth count.That, and vehicles in a generally poor overall condition,worn lower front shock bushes etc. If its all in reasonable nick it will work... Correct diagnosis also seems to be beyond some,the parts shotgun comes out on a regular basis with many folk.

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Do you have any reference material for this?

No but I have definitely seen it somewhere,maybe in the sva/iva rules ,not sure ,along the lines of removing a safety feature ,same as taking airbags out ,removing seatbelts etc(even though it's nothing like ) Take a vehicle for an MOT with the ABS light on and it fails ,simple as that. Personally not a fan of ABS ,the system on my 98 Impreza sport was horrible in slippery conditions ,it would simply take the brakes away and other owners I spoke to said the same thing. My 300 Disco has it but I'd rather it didn't .
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