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Handbrake Adjuster

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Recently my handbrake has been sticking badly, to the point I stopped using it until I got round to fixing it! So I thought I would order a replacement expander and adjuster and just make it all new and problem free! (Or so I thought!)

I went to change the parts and got the old expander out destroying all the retaining clips in the process (waiting on new ones!) but I couldn't get to the top bolt of the adjuster. Managed the bottom one but just couldn't work out how to get to the top. Does anyone have any ideas? Its not that its stuck in, I just cant seem to get a socket or spanner on it!



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There should also be no need for new parts. They get dirty and need to be cleaned and lubed every now and then. The parts don't wear out. It is a normal maintenance job that everyone should do.

As above, always take the whole thing off and rebuild on the bench.

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Replace the whole thing with an Xeng handbrake.

Used to have the same problems and got sick of taking it off to clean out all the mud.

Xeng ones don't need that level of maintenance, and they are much better at doing the job too!

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