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Heco Wind deflectors

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I am haveing trouble fitting a set of front wind deflectors there is a little black oblong peice next to the runner on the front part of the window on each side and they are to low down . So the deflector will not go in can these oblong peice be moved up the window?

When l fitted a set to my old td5 they went in without any problems

Cheers Kev.

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The wedge block clips around the window channel.

You'll need to remove it to move it up as it won't slide.

Remove the top channel by removing the small phillips screws within it. They are hard to see but if you run your screwdriver along you'll find them ?

Remove the screws that you can get to on the forward channel and you'll be able to tease it into the window aperture enough to unclip the wedge and refit it where you want it to be.

Reassemble and fit your deflecters. Should take about 20 minutes or so a side.



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As Mo said but you may need to remove the guides altogether, be careful in fitting the deflectors in the window frame, it's easy to get them the wrong side of the channel rubber and the front corner of the top of the door sealing rubber has to be held out whilst you push the corner of the deflector in, I fitted the front end bottom corner in first an then pushed it in all the way in the front of the window frame and at the same time as lining up the top flange bent the rear of the deflector down to slot it in the channel and then push it up, be careful in bending down as they very easily snap.

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With reference to what I said about the bending, the deflectors are best fitted in nice warm weather or warm them up with a hair dryer, makes them more flexible. Everyone laughed at me when I bought a new hair dryer a couple of months ago but if your water pipes freeze in winter or you have a vinyl sticker on your car you want to get rid of, dry that paint or glue a bit faster there's not a better tool. They are good for drying your hair as well! :glare:

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