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Bulkhead ID?

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I got a bulkhead a while ago, I think from Simmonites, and they told me, that it was a TD5 one. Trouble is, it isn't like any TD5 bulkhead Ive seen anywhere, even the internet doesn't turn anything up.... the Part number is, according to the label; AHA710460. It looks like a mix of a TDCi bulkhead and the TD5 one, I'm rather at a loss...

Below are some pictures of it to help sort things. The white circles are outlining holes I need to fill, I get that the ones in the passenger footwell are there for AC pipes etc, but what about all the holes in the drivers footwell? they don't seem to serve any purpose, there aren't any cables or anything supposed to be running there?

The hole for the heater blower motor is huge, I've had to make a plate to fix over it(hence the line of holes around it's periphery). and the two holes above where the fuse panel goes is a bit of a mystery, I assume that one, presumably the right hand one, is there for letting a bundle of wires through owing to its rolled edge, but the other? it seems that there are far too many holes in it for a TD% bulkhead... anyone got any ideas?

25401958464_99532ae611_b.jpgDSC00684_01 by danebrewer12, on Flickr

25401949024_591a0225b9_b.jpgDSC00685_01 by danebrewer12, on Flickr

25401933124_99baa6e4dc_b.jpgDSC00687_01 by danebrewer12, on Flickr

25913992792_0b781ba35c_b.jpgDSC00689_01 by danebrewer12, on Flickr

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Drivers footwell......

Working from the left,

Bonnet release cable.

The group of four are for the steering column lower mount,

The two below those are the bracket that goes down to the chassis....

And the two on the right are I believe for the throttle pedal....

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ha, brill, thanks Disco Ron. so basically all the stuff i can do without....thanks for reminding me of the steering column support bracket holes....and the bulkhead/chassis bracket holes id have had them welded up otherwise :blink::lol:..... shows how long Ive been doing it if i have forgotten that....

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