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Defender Tdi clutch remote servo fit

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Hello, I have been looking for install images of remote clutch servos fitted to Defenders. I have seen the red booster kits which look nice but are above my budget. It is a 300Tdi so already has an assist Spring.

Having had a couple of operations on my left knee it is not in good shape and I find the Defender painful after a couple of days - even on short trips. So I need to make the clutch effort lighter! As it may be my daily driver soon.

I have bought a remote servo kit (Powertune) which is basically a Lockheed unit with a 2.3:1 ratio, which is potentially overkill but I have it so want to give it a go.

Question is has anyone done this and what are pitfalls? Also I'd like to fit it beside the brake servo under the wing on top of the wheel arch. Have measured up and it looks like I will have to remove the brake master cylinder assembly to get it in. If someone has fitted one and has any hints and tips it would be great to hear them.

Thanks in advance.


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Mickey, is there any reason why you used adaptors for your pipe work instead of re-tapping the servo out to 1/4"? Do you get any lag in the pedal return?

LR fitted adapters to a std master cylinder anyway, and indeed these remain part of the circuit.

To tap out the remote cylinder unnecessarily risks getting swarf in critical places, but moreover I'd say there isn't a lot of spare metal in the casting.

Oh and modifying parts like that invalidates their warranty. ?

Pretty sure I had the adapters anyway, and why make more work...

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