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Autobox oil lines


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Hi All,

I converted the V8 110 from LT95 to an ZF Autobox. Now I installed an oil cooler en need to connect it to the autobox.

Will quality hose clamps and hydraulic hose do the job to hold the pressure inside the system?


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Well, I hear not and that it peaks at 300psi. But I have nylon-wrap hose with double clips and it's been fine for years doing winch challenge.

A standard Oxford /intercal cooler is rated sub 150 psi. With good barbs on the hose tails and double clips it should be better than fine with single-wrap hyd hose. (Wire wrap)

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There's little pressure through the cooler on a ZF box.

As above , not much pressure , but I double up on the hose clips if it isnt a barbed or ball ended connector, also make sure that the hose you use is rated for the job (eg temp & pressure) , been totally reliable for years .

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