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Made a little error while taking old ball joints of drag link ,track rod and steering tube forgot to take measurements between centres of the joints. Are there any original measurements to go by or is it,fit the best I can and get it set professionaly.

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The track rod is just a set by measurement of toe adjustment , the drag link is set by orientation of the relay arm , and wheels in straight ahead position. The link box to relay is set to suit steering wheel in straight ahead position (central) with road wheels in straight ahead position . In all cases start with ball joints screwed in to the rod equally

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That works.

Toe in at the wheel rim should be 1.2-2.4mm. That sorts the track rod.

With the wheels straight ahead, the steering relay drop arm should point straight ahead. That sorts the drag link.

With the above set, the steering relay upper arm should be at 81 degrees from the drop arm, in other words, pointing 9 degrees forward of due right.

Setting the steering box drop arm is the trickiest bit; if you set the steering box at mid lock (equal rotations left and right to the end of travel), and then put the drop arm on vertically, then you run out of right lock early as the drop arm hits the foot well. So, set the box to full right lock, fit the drop arm with just enough clearance for the ball joint to clear the foot well, and tighten the nut. Then rotate the steering wheel back to midpoint of its rotation range. That should leave the drop arm slightly forward of vertical, at a guess around 9 degrees, which is why LR introduced the 9 degree amendment to the relay top arm (used to be set 90 degrees from the bottom). So you now have your longitudinal rod distance.

All of the above is for right hand drive. For left hand drive, it is all the same except that you need to have the relay upper arm 9 degrees forward of pointing due left, and set the steering box drop arm on the rocker shaft with the steering column at full left of rotations.

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