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Reduced performance and limp mode

bathroom man

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Hi everyone need a little advice, driving to Cornwall row all side of the from Winchester a few weeks ago got 30 miles Cornwall side of the M5 car started losing power noticed the information letter on dash but no light and reduced engine performance, AA came out but couldn't get a proper reading as I had taken of the connector to the throttle housing which through up a load of codes, I drove it around quite hard to get it to do it again so the AA could get a proper reading but it wouldn't, so we drove home the next day without any problems until we got to Stonehenge when it went into limp mode again with the same message, we limped home and I bought a terrafirma code reader which gave me 3 codes which are p2563 turbo boost control pos sensor A circuit range performance p2562 same as above and p0234 turbo overboost condition, is there anything I can do to fix or change this, any help will be great, by the way it is a 2009 freelander 2 with a 2.2 deisal engine with 40000 miles.



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Could be a leak in the pressurised air circuit (turbo to inlet manifold)

A (smallish) leak can cause all kind of problems, esp. for the sensors that get weird readings and put the engine in "get home mode"

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If it came in to my workshop I would use SDD,(LR diagnostic tool) to run a dynamic air path test. This requires the engine be hled at certain speeds for a required time.During this test the SDD will monitor all the sensor inputs to determine the fault.The boost control actuator has closed loop feedback so the test can be taken as accurate.

FL2's seem fairly reliable turbo wise, I see more faults on D3 and Defenders in this area. Would be well worth finding a local trusted garage to pinpoint it for you.

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