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Rear Door

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So was it ever an option or does anyone make a rear door without the window? seen that utilities generally don't have the rear windows, but still have a door window.

I want to put a internal bulkhead in place , and need a new door so now would be the ideal time to swap, that and an upgrade on the door security would help . It will also give more options for sign-writing on the rear.

Any links to suppliers would be a help

Thanks All

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Guest wunntenn

Not sure (and never seen one). But why not just buy a normal door, which will be unglazed, get an alloy sheet cut to fit the aperture, stick it in temporarily and have it all spraypainted, then pop out the alloy panel and give to the signwriter to work on, then pop back in again and fix properly. Get them here: http://www.sp-4x4.com/DEFENDER_REAR_DOORS_s/107.htm

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Don't many commercial users just use vinyl graphics to blank out the glass? This deals with sign writing all in one go too.

Otherwise a sheet of ally would do the job with a bit of anti vibration material affixed.

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So its either make my own one piece skin or make alloy filler panel with a joggled edge so that the surface is flush. Then add the security from the inside , upgrading the lock and handle will be easier with a new skin , so who makes skins?

Maybe able to start with asking if its possible to press one without the window aperture although I doubt the press tool has that facility but no harm in asking

Thanks for the replies.

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