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On top of my abs problem, I also have an annoying rattle.

Usually it starts at around 25mph.

It does not alter in frequency or volume, it seems to be something to do with the air travelling under the vehicle rather than something caused by engine or transmission vibration.

The reason being, when I was sat at the traffic lights yesterday, and we had strong winds, the wind set off the rattle.

I have took off the plastic shield under the engine, breaking it in the process, and can't see anything that would cause the noise.

When I took the shield off, the aluminium frame that the bumper is screwed to, and is held in place with four 17mm bolts was held on by one bolt, so it is looking like a bodge artist has had the car before me, I should have guessed this from when I replaced the cam cover gasket, and the two end bolts were finger tight, which caused the oil leak that has soaked the bottom of the engine with mobils finest.

The rattle does not alter what ever speed I go over 25, but may come in under that speed, and does not alter in volume.

It sounds metallic, as though a large metal plate is vibrating against another one.

It seems to come from the middle, and towards the front, although my wife says it is coming from the back, but she is a bit deaf, so I tend to ignore her..

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