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Roof colour

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Chawton white is a whole vehicle colour. The roof would match. I think the normal white is Arctic white. Im not sure if this is just an old name for Chawton - as far as I know, Arctic is very slightly yellower than the chalky tone of Chawton, but that may be a perception error when seeing white roofs against coloured panels as opposed to a completely white vehicle.

The old creamy colour has always been "Limestone", used from SIs to 90s and 110s.

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I am thinking of painting the roof of my 2007 Puma which was then only available in dark green. What do you guys think is the best option? Chawton, Arctic Limestone?

Or they are all nuances of ivory white?

Limestone will look odd against dark green, especially metallic. It works better with solid pastel colours, ie. the old Leyland and earlier colours of the Series era. The only modern Defender colour it'd go well with is the modern Pastel green on the Heritage special edition and the specials last year, similar to the Atlantic green of the first SIs. I think Chawton or Arctic, if that was the Defender roof white name, would be best, but it doesn't really matter as long as it is a fairly clean white and you make a note of the code for future touch ups.

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