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Timing out on 200tdi

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I recently changed the timing belt on my discovery 200tdi engined landy prior to taking it off the road. (For other reasons than engine related).

It a discovery engine but assume the setup principle is the same for defender.

I may have not timed it correctly.
It starts easily, runs and is abit smokey but gets abit warmer than before.

I did have the radiator off for a while as i had a problem getting off the crankshaft gear.

Despite this i think i may have set the pump off a abit. I didn’t move diesel pump pulley adjustment when fitting the new belt and the pin was a bit tight when was removed.

(This was my first timing belt change).

Could i make the necessary movement via the front inspection cover as i am sure the other gears are lined up correctly?

Or should i just bite the bullet and remove the complete front cover and retime properly?

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Did you use the flywheel locking tool?

Personally I'd fit the flywheel locking tool, remove the small access cover for the injection pump and try the locking tool in there again. There's a bit of adjustment and it's worth a shot before you strip the front end down completely :)

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