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3.5 Carb -> EFI


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OK, I know very little about V8's, but I have been talking with my brother about the possibility of changing the tired, and terrible sounding 3.5EFI in his rangie. We have seen a couple of carbed V8's and wondered what you needed to do to turn one into an EFI one, given that we have all the EFI stuff already there?

So, how hard is it? Is is just a case of swapping the carb inlet manifold for the plenum chamber off the old EFI or are there a whole raft of other small things that also need changing?

NB. I have already repeatedly shouted that he should fit a nice 200TDI at him, but to no avail... :rolleyes::P



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The cutouts are TINY, with a bit of care/cleanliness and a dremel you could replicate them, or just swap the heads over onto the new block if you think they're OK. TBH I doubt the cutouts would make a major difference if you didn't bother - the gaskets intrude more than the port edges anyway and any new gasket should have the cutout in it.

As has been said - swap the inlet manifold / loom onto the new block and away you go. Wasn't aware timing covers needed to be changed(?) but stand to be corrected.

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Unless I missed that bit when I read through what did you do regarding the cutouts in the heads?

despite being carbs from new, my heads had cut-outs already.

also some people say it doesnt matter if you dont have them anyway.

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Ahh I see :blink:

Just wondering as my old engine would want a lot of work to put it right & that has cutouts!

But I have a new army re-con that has done about 600 miles since being re-built but no cutouts & that is the one I would want to swap to EFi & M/S :)

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