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Engine Oil Choice

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Hi guys

I have noticed that my front oil seal on my ( no none history ) defender 200TDI engine is leaking more than ever now since owning the 90 for the past two years i have the intensions of fitting a recon'd ( by my self ) disco 200TDI engine as i just prefer the disco version of the engine rather than the defender version don't know why but i do.

So whilst i am looking for a disco engine and going through the motions of stripping and rebuilding the engine i would like to keep the 90 on the road as i would need to use the 90 to collect the disco engine and transport the block and stuff to the engine recond's and for general use aswell so as i needed a ltr of oil @ £10 a pop i have decided i need to buy a 25ltr drum of cheap 10/40's engine oil to keep the worn engine running.

So does anyone know anywhere that sells cheap drums of 10/40 diesel engine oil in the Manchester area please :D

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Of course there is always the cheaper option of replacing the leaking seal.

I could do that but if i did i would probably find something more wrong with it ( as i don't know the history of this engine as it was already fitted to the 90 when i bought it and was originally a 2.5TD ) then it would be off the road which i don't want, there is normally a reason why a front and or rear oil seal leaks on an oil engine and is normally because the crank has dropped slightly causing the crank / pulley to wear on the seal so doing the job this way is what i would rather do

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If the crank had dropped surely you would have a worn out set of main bearings and a lot more problems than just a leaking front crank seal?

Yeah you mite be right but i have had so many issues with this engine over the past two years i have owned the vehicle the main one is with the engine already fitted to the 90 before i bought it was i don't know if the engine was originally from a crashed vehicle or wether the timing case has been damaged at some point in its life but the timing case had been damaged where the two lower power steer pump bracket bolts hold the bracket onto the timing case and although i have sorted that problem out i am frightened to undo it all again and end up with a bigger problem as i can't drill the holes out any more than they are now, needs a better timing case really but they are like rocking horse poop to get hold of so think doing it this way will be better + i don't want to have the 90 off the road as i will need it to collect the disco engine and transport bits to and from the engine re-manufacturers, then decide what to do with the old engine once the new engine is in, fix, break or sell on

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