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How to separate chassis from body without 2-post lift?

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I'm doing a chassis swap on my 88 LR 90, was originally going to use a 2-post lift to separate the body and chassis, but that arrangement fell through. Now I am forced to do it in my garage without a 2-post lift. Has anyone ever accomplished this without use of a 2-post lift?

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Changing my 90 chassis next and that will be done single handed with nothing more than an engine hoist so it is certainly doabale.

Replaced the whole body on my 90 and also took the body off my 101 by manual means (had to get a second pair of hands to help with that one) so certainly there is no reason why you can't do it yourself.

Of course I am talking of taking it apart and not lifting it as a single item, if you want to do that then you are looking at rigging something up.

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I built a scaffold frame around mine with a pulley block onto the bulkhead, and a tube under the rear floor with a hi lift each end, that tube and another which was put under the bulkhead ends were clamped to the scaffold whilst I did all the chassis work.....

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Ralph - more out of interest, did you notice any movement at all in the body when you lifted it, i.e. flexing anywhere obvious, and did it just land on the new chassis in the right places?

a bit of movement, but nothing for me to be concerned about, when we rolled the new chassis under, we got the rear end a bit to far to right, so I had about 1/2 inch to shove the rear end across to left, otherwise it all bolted down without any major problem.

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