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removing locks on wolf handles

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hi guys I am putting origional split doors back onto my 30 year old 110 and have got hold of a pair of wolf handles to fit, problem is they have locks but no keys and i need to put new barrels in them. is there a way to get the old barrels out wiyhout resorting to drilling.

cheers guys.

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You'll find if you stick a nice big sharp drill bit in them, as soon as the bit gets a good grip it will rip the barrel out. (at least it has every time i've had that trouble) You don't have to carefully drill right through. Alternatively, i've suck a self tapper in them, gripped the screw in a vice and tapped the lock away. The barrel is only clipped in with a sprung loaded brass pin.

Just read that back, sounds dodgy that i've done more than one haha, i've bought lots of old doors with the keys missing.

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