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leaking core plugs

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hi guys iv been losing water on a 200tdi defender and iv tracked it down to a core plug .iv never changed one before . can anybody tell me the best thing to use when I fit the new ones ? is there anything land rover use that I can easily get hold of ?

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tap the middle of the core plug with a punch to deform it, then move the punch to the edge and knock it round so you can get behind it to ping it out, use a bit of sealent round the side of the new one and knock it in using a well fitting socket. nothing to it really,

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Advice from Wards is to fit the new plug with a hard setting loctite like 603/638, and not a non-setting sealant like Hylomar. Certainly worked for mine.

You need to remove everything that's in the way of you getting a square on clean working area. When you fit the new one you need to have a straight line clear access, as you'll need to hammer it in with a suitable punch.

After removing the old plug, clean the seat up with emery. Clean it up only, don't remove metal.

To fit the new plug, find a socket that's about 1mm smaller in diameter than the inside of the cup side of the new plug. The cup side goes outwards. I use an extension in the socket and use the socket backwards.

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+1 with the Loctite. I use the bearing fit stuff, can't remember the number. It only needs a smear.

Hole in the block must be really clean and dry.

The core plug needs to go in slightly below the surface, as the outer edge of the plug should be able to bite into the bore you've pushed it into.

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