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R380 weep


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Where the two halves of my R380 meet it weeps a little oil - not so as the level goes down noticeably, but so its wet to touch.

I've kind of been treating it like my series - i.e accept it as a Land Rover thing and watch the level.

However, if I want to stop it are there any alternatives other than box out and get it rebuilt ?

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In short, nope! If its weeping at the separation plate, the only cure is to drop it and recondition the box, and while its out replace the wearing parts, syncros, bearings bushes etc.

The manual will tell you if it's a late model box to NOT use the gaskets, instead use a high temperature flexible silicone jointing compound on the faces, I found the best treatment for all the machined faces was a brand new oil or wet stone and after painting the surfaces with engineers blue, just rub them with the fine side of the stone to ensure they were flat - you will easily see any hollows if they are not perfect.

Put the stone aside for future use, cylinder head, manifolds, cylinder block and any machined face etc.

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