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3.5 v8 non carb fueling issues after new pump and 8 mm pipe fitted


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Hi all newbie here.

i have an 89 rrc 3.5 non carb v8, on LPG, which ran perfectly well untill the other day i have done a lot of welding work etc etc, installed a new 25 litre petrol tank (as i didnt have one, just a jerry can with the original pump inside) to start her up before switching to gas, problem is now my mechanic mate seems to think we may have a fueling issue also a ignition issue.

sometimes starts

sometimes wont

sometimes starts and runs at 3000 rpm

sometimes takes ages to start like its got no spark/fuel then spurts to life.

fuel pump was for a 3.9 v8 rated

and new 8mm ID fuel line front to back booth flow and return

disconnected the condensor from the + of the coil and it started so thought that was the issue but tried with it re-connected and it work.

does anybody know the test for the condensor as i may be braking down with the initial start up,thus shorting out the coil,, also

(not noticed by me as im a lowly spark) but my mechanic mate noticed a part missing from the ignition system carnt remember right now what he called it tho ( will post for now and review later)

any help or suggestion would be very much appreciated

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Hi Doddy

I am by no means any sort of expert but you really need to start with the basics I think.

When it won't start, have you got spark? And have you got fuel? i.e. does it stink of fuel when you've been cranking? Pull a spark plug or two when you've tried to start it and it won't, what do they look like?

You've said you've basically disturbed the entire fuel supply system and since then it's playing up. You need to check all that is working properly, re-check all connections etc.

I assume as you say it's a 'non carb' you mean it's an EFi? And by the year I'd assume a flapper? If you go in the tech archive and download the flapper diagnostics manual you can work through all the tests from that. Very straightforward, just take your time and be methodical.

Good luck.

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