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Tips on what a 2003 Range Rover can do


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Dear all

ive recently purchased a L322 2003 Range Rover Vogue 3.0 and I have got any handbooks. I was hoping all you experienced Range Rover owners could help me learn from the experts on how these cars really work.

would you all post tricks you have learnt

post a number of did you knows

would help me learn and let me get the best out of this lovely car

Thank you


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What kind of tricks? Not wanting to promote another forum but the best one for >=L322 Range Rovers is fullfatrr.com. Although they spend most of the time changing wheels and polishing.

Pete Haylands (Haylands on the forum), myself and a few others do use them "properly" off-road. Well Pete's a bit bonkers and has drowned his several times, built a snorkel, built front and rear winch trays etc. etc.

Mine's a bit different being a 07MY with Terrain Response etc but they are phenomenal off-road and only really let down by lack of tyres. Yours being a Td6 you can drop down to 18" wheels but I'm stuck (unless I go for a set of Compmotive alloys) on 19". But even with those manufacturers won't build tyres as robust or as aggressive as those for a 16" wheel. I've exploded a few when laning :wacko:

In terms of handbooks you should be able to get them from topix or they'll be linked over on the Wiki on the fullfatrr.com forum.

The Td6 is notorious for destroying gearboxes though... Do you know what the state of yours is?

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