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Capstan winch scratch build - CAD, 3D print and cast.

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I'd love a capstan winch for my 109, but don't want to pay the silly money they're going for.

Luckily, I have CAD and fabrication skills, so here goes making one!

At the suggestion of another forum user, I've started using onshape.com. It's like free solidworks, dropbox and github all in one! With an hour of fiddling, this is the result:


This is the only tricky part to make. I'll get the pattern 3D printed - probably by shapeways.com as I've used them many times and aways been pleased with the result - then cast in alloy by a local foundry, or have a go myself (I've watched far too many MyfordBoy videos).

I have a lovely 62/1 sealed worm drive gearbox lined up to make it all work.

I'll keep this thread updated as my experience with onshape.com progresses. I'm certainly very impressed so far!

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Thanks guys, I'll keep the updates coming :)

I was inspired by this guy scratch building a gas turbine for his bike:


As you can see, his 3D print and home casting work rather well! His other thread for the MK1 turbine and bike is long, but well worth a skim through too. Dude got skills:


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It's possible, and something I can explore once I've finished prototyping. When I'm happy with the design, I'll order one of the quick and dirty prints to see how it looks in the solid, tweak it if needed and look at options.

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Development with onshape is incredibly fast! Really getting tha hang of it now. Another couple of hours and I've modeled the mounting flange and output shaft of the gearbox (to scale) and created a much better winch drum model. Drum support bearings need to be arranged, which is why I've not touched the inside of the drum yet. I have a few ideas, but I'll need to settle on which bearings to use and how to arrange, mount and secure them before moving on to that.



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Would it be possible to base the drum bearings around a LR stub axle and bearing set up ?

Already proven for load and bearing design

And loving the whole idea of making your own , centre of my comfort zone


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Oh cool! Must similarly beastly! The balancing was funny... As it fits on a landy hub, I figured the tyre fitting place would be able to fit it on their machine. So I popped down the road to my local place, answered the inevitable "what on earth is that?" questions, and they stuffed it on the balancing machine with the appropriate arbor and span it up. The guy glanced at the display, which was reading 0.00 0.00, took it off and said "that's perfect mate. Good job". I'm sure the tyre balancer isn't *that* accurate, but it runs true and smoothly at any rpm.

The circular parts were cut on a home made circle cutting jig for my plasma cutter and the fins were carefully machined stacked together and weighed after to verify they were identical. I made a jig to hold it all, tacked it carefully and thoroughly before seam welding, and it came out as true as you like. Fun project, that.

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Cheers Bowie, just love this kind of stuff :)

Hehe. I have toyed with the idea of buying one, Simon, but still serious dollar for something with decent resolution. One of my clients has one, so I might see if we can work out a deal...

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Wow lo-fi, how did I miss this?? Really interesting project, would never thought I'd ever actually see someone wanting to make their own Capstan winch! :o hats off though, really, in these days of super fast mechanical winches not many will be thinking of Capstans :)

Oh and the whole idea of fitting a winch drum on a LR hub would never work :ph34r:

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