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unimog axles v's Volvo c303 axles.


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Quite easy really..

Mogs: Pros: Cheap and plentiful, strong and capable of serious steering angles. Cons: Heavy and big, designed for torquetube and with the prop in the wrong side for Landys making fitment a huge and cubersome task. And of course big ugly drumbrakes.

Volvos: Pros: Compared to the mogs they are a breeze to fit to a landy, the prop flange even bolts up without any mods. Strength-wise they definitely are quite an upgrade from anything LR however not as strong as Mogs. But seemingly plenty strong for most people. Cons: Expensive and much harder to get a hold of. From personal experience I know that the track rod can get in the way depending on how you fit them. And again big ugly drumbrakes, though not as big as the Mog, but still drumbrakes.

Then there is of course the other general Pro's and Con's in fitting a portal axle, mostly the low gearing. However you should already have found out about that if you've read any post about portals anywhere on the web :)

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I would suggest buying a complete unimog, they are far more effecient at draining your finances than a range rover!

It very much comes down to what you want out of the vehicle and your funds and abilities/facilties.

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