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Stage one chassis


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Think your best bet it to hang the engine & transmission in the chassis with the correct propshafts if you're moving all that metal around.

We used a different - but not easy to find - powersteering box and that doesn't require all that metal moving..

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If you are retaining the standard 4-cyl transmission, you don't need to make any chassis changes other than engine brackets - the V8 conversion is a well troden and well proven route without much chopping, just a tight fit on the left exhaust manifold against the bulkhead and a clearance issue between oil filter and diff on some engines.

As for moving the cross member for the PAS, you get a much easier conversion with much better results for driving, maintenance and robustness using a P38 steering box. You could also use an "opposite side" Adwest box outboard of the chassis in the same way as the P38 type, ie a LHD box on an RHD vehicle and vice versa. It saves chassis butchery and also keeps the box out of the way of the radiator.

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does anybody has the measurements of a stage one chassis?

I need to know where I have to weld the engine mounts because i'm modifying a diesel series to v8.

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i have a stage one, currently its in a million pieces, so i can take some measurements for you, just as a ballpark figure if you are interested...hope that helps

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