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Air condition genius??

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Hi guys. I'm looking to fit an air condition system in my 1989 300 tdi 90. Here in Malta I cannot find any system worth buying (without selling a kidney). I have been approached by a guy who has a complete a/c system off a discovery 300 tdi for sale. Can this be made to fit in my 90 or is the set up completely different??

Be patient with me, I know absolutely nothing about a/c systems and how they work!

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Everything under the bonnet should fit, but you'd need the evaporator and a housing for inside the cab, and some pipes to make it join up. Make sure you get the thermostat housing elbow from the Discovery, as it has two switches that are missing from yours that activate the additional electric fans and cshut the aircon down if the engine starts getting too hot. It'd be worth getting as much of the wiring for that as you can, so help remove the system from the Discovery, tracing and marking up the wiring as you go.

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Ok I'll see what he has. He has told me that it is already removed and there is no wiring with it :/

He has informed me that it is the complete system so I'll make sure that the thermostat housing elbow is included.


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He'd want to keep the other engine complete, so you can swap your undrilled elbow with his switch equipped one. The rubber seal around the thermostat should keep your engine water tight when you do the swap; there is no gasket in the joint. You'll just need to top up the coolant on completion.

You can use the aircon without those switches, if you keep an aye on the engine temperature - a manual switch to activate the booster fans and switching the aircon off if they can't cope will do the same thing. It's just nice to have t taken care of automatically.

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It might be possible to find something like this on s/h commercial equipment , then all you need is a compressor , and a couple of hoses . I used a new one on my 110CSW and that handled 45C in australia .


another source of supply is scrap fridge vans that usually have a roof top condensor assy , so doesnt risk overheating the engine when both need max cooling . HTSH

PS I wouldnt be wanting to try and fit a ex discovery system in a defender , or any other integrated system .

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