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LT230 input gear removal

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Hi all.

Working through a number of jobs on my 1996 110CSW 300 TDi with R380 and LT230.

One has been to check the transfer box input gear spline wear. I have this box - 22D515445F which being a later box (i presume from the year and the 'F') as far as I know will have the later cross drilling.

So I removed the PTO cover (bolts had massive threadloc on them) and rocked to and fro and there's no wear as far as I can tell, between the input shaft and the gear. Whilst I was there I thought that I may as well pull the gear out (just for a closer look at splines etc.) and to confirm the drilling. So I removed the bearing support plate which only needed a little help.

Thought that would be all and that the gear would just pull put backwards - but it gets stuck against the other gear (intermediate?). Is this correct and I can't take it out or is there some technique to move the prop or something just to allow the gears to clear?

I realise that if the box is the later type with the cross drill then I don't need to inspect further - however I'm underneath and why not??


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Jacked a rear wheel up and it slipped out easily with a little turn of the prop. All's OK there with the cross drilling and nice splines.

So I'm closing-up and it's oil change time (that's why I'm underneath on such a nice day - with the hills temporarily white for the second day running).

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