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Defender pickup special

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Very new to the site, so please bear with me.

Please see attached picture , This is what I would like to achieve,

Is this a 127/130 wheel base with the overhang removed with an extended cab and a stretched pick up tub, any one give me clues ideas as to how this was achieved,

I have been away from defenders for a few decades so I need a few pointers.

Many thanks



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suggest starting with a suitable 130 either a ex military ambulance or a rapier missile vehicle, 2 110 rear standard pick up rear lower body or maybe 1 x 110 & 1 x 90 pick up rear lower bodies, so you can make the longer side panels, a selection of extra 110 chassis to body outriggers.

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Definitely looks like a 110". If you compare the lashing points on the side of the tub with the one below it looks as if they have bobbed it removing the 5th lashing point on the rear. The rest of the tub looks standard length using the lashing points as reference.


(Stolen from the interweb)

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Seems to have a side tank like a 90 though ....

...with a series type filler.

... well, it would, because there is not enough space for the standard rear tank and they cut off the back end along the forward edge of the original filler aperture, and those Series front filler assemblies are easier to install than Defender types as they need no spot welding or folding of the cut edges. With a little effort, they could have used the original filler, and it would have looked far neater.

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