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Anyone with a series 3 who could help?


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I was Wandering if anyone in the Durham area could help me out with my series 3, I'm looking for someone with a tidy/complete example that I could look around and take some pictures of to help when getting ideas of what to do to mine and how it should look when finished.

Also my dashboard had no wires connected so an overview of what all the switches are meant to do would be a great help.



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Think you could invest in some books to get an idea what you're dealing with .

- Workshop manual

- partsbook

- series restoration manual

- owners handbook

Pictures of mine are useless as it is not "standard"...

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Just one or two, though, Fridge...

Tackling a rebuild without manuals is crazy. The Haynes manual is for the most part a reproduction of the LR Workshop Manual, with added photos. The Parts Catalogue is worth having, too.

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Fair enough.

I'm out of the UK, so can't show my vehicle (plus I modified the dash and electrics anyway), but here's what the switches do:

Top right) main light switch - up, all off - middle, tail and side lights on, power to adjacent instrument light switch - down, as middle plus head lights

Top left) instrument light switch - up, instruments not illuminated - down (only 1 down) instr illum if main light switch is in either on position

Bottom left) heater fan switch - up, off - middle, low speed - down, high speed

Bottom right) wash/wipe knob - push, washer jet pump - rotate left, wipers off - rotate right, wipers on (* low speed) - (*where fitted, second turn right, wipers high speed)

The main light switch is fed from a brown permanent live from the battery solenoid (as is the fuse box). So, all lights are available with the ignition switch off.

The bottom two switches are fed from the green side of the fuse box, so are only powered when the ign switch is in any on position.

The steering column switch has a purple feed from the live side of the fuse box so that the horn is always available. The head lights are powered through two feeds - a red if I remember correctly from the head light terminal on the main dash switch to the dim/dip part, and a plain blue to a permanent live in the fuse box for flashing the lights (I may have those feeds the wrong way around, so do check). The feed in from the indicator flasher unit is a spade connector terminal and is green with a brown trace, as I remember it. The output wires to the head lights, indicators and horn (brown) are all in the block connector.

There may be a spur from the dipped headlight stalk switch (loom side of the block connector) to power a fog light switch, which will have its own wire to the fog light. With the headlamps on in dipped beam, the switch should pull to activate the light and have an internal warning bulb.

I can'r remember the orientation of the wires on the back of each switch, but I think it's in the Haynes book.

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