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To keep or not!!!


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I have a three year old Freelander (black, auto diesel) which is a great car and I have been very happy with it. I have the car on a PCP lease deal that is now ending and I can either repay the £11K residual or use as a part down payment for another new car. I cannot afford a new LR. My dilemma is whether to keep the car (paying off the residual) or getting rid of it. I am uncertain if the car will hold a good value in perhaps another three or four years and whether the car will potentially start to cause problems now that the warrantee is finishing. Decisions - decisions!!!! Any advice and experience of the same welcome.



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Hi Chris,

I have no knowledge of the car but:

You have had it since new,

You know the service history,

It can't be too high a mileage due to lease purchase deal?

You love it,

You cannot afford another new one,

You can extend the warranty or buy alternate one?

If people buy high mileage D3 (me for one) is this car any more risky?

Do you want another the same?

Is the service history good?

Does it do what you want?

Is the technical/owner experience feed back on here good?

Is it due any expensive maintenance not covered by warranty?

So get a valuation, is it worth the £11k or there abouts?

The other decision making rule is choose an option (keep or get rid), are you disappointed about that choice? If so do the opposite!

Is this too simplistic? Is this why I have four cars and a m/c and only use two of them?

Good luck on your choice.


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