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S3 109 pick up with Isuzu 2.8 tdi conversion


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Recintly got my series running after what seems like forever off the road.

So first impressions wow its loud inside ive never driven a series or defender before so I didnt know what to expect nothing bad sounding just loud.

Its a 4 on the floor box in it and is supriseingly dry inside.

Its however not perfect... Shocker I know lol

Its capible of a blistering 25/30mph atm which dosent seem right.

As im new to the classic game ive read the bulkhead plates and I was using it on the road in H and ive tryed pushing the yellow nob and theres to be no change

Ive been reading in the isuzu forums about the engine and I think theres a vac pipe missing from the fuel pump thats causeing the poor performance.

I guess this is hello and be prepaired for alot of questions hahahah

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The series Hi Lo lever is solidly connected to the gears, so as long as you have it fully pushed forward it should be high. If you're in low gears, 20-25 mph will be flat out.

You don't mention whether the lack of speed is due to a lack of power, or because the poor thing's screaming itself silly due to no more gears available.

The original 2.25 diesel could manage 55-60 mph, so unless your engine is a very low revving unit (possibly from an industrial application) you should be able to make at least that speed. I mean we you have a 2.8 turbocharged engine, and that should easily outrun the original engine.

Welcome to the joys of classic Landrovers ?

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Right guys

ive tried it in L N and H in L you get a ton of power but no speed N theres no drive at all and H ive had 30 out it but its fairly flat.

I think is the issue is power related

I didnt know what the box should should do its loud inside but I dont think its running out of gear

Cheers for the input guys

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I had looked at the throttle as it isnt 100 percent at the bulkhead. (the sleeve is not attached properly to the bulkhead)

The cable its self is a custom job its a long ball type thats been welded captive into the pedal. ive not anyone free to work it so I can observe its function but it is tight at both ends. Ill try get somone to help today.

Air pipe wise im not useing a intercooler atm so theres not much to see however after a ton of reading on the isuzu forum I think there should be a vac line to the fuel pump which there isnt so im awaiting confirmation to see if its a unusual fuel pump of if its been bodged.

Fuel line wise theres nothing ovbiously kinked so im assumeing thats fine. The tank was drained 6 months ago when the engine reinstalled and first fired. I remember it being like varnish so I may need to clean the pump and injectors out. It had a new filter at the time and has had new diesel then and before test run.

Tires are 7.50 x 16 all services semperit brand. They look pretty normal as landy steels go. Whats the oe size as I realise this will have some effect on gearing.

Sorry for the mammoth post :D

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750x 16 is 109 standard size. to check throttle cable operating limit , place brick on pedal (without engine running ) then go under bonnet and see if the pump lever will still travel further in direction of cable , if yes then you need to adjust pedal travel . HTSH

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Good shout never thought of that

I got my brother out to help when he got in from work. The pedal on the floor the arm on the fuel pump hits the limit. It does look like its adjustable so I dunno if its maybe been moved at somepoint. Put that on the to be researched list on the white board haha

I have however found the pipe thats missing and it is indeed snapped clean off the fuel pump and the inlet manifolds snapped the same yay So now searching for a fuel pump top plate with the magic pipe attached.

Chucked a couple pics in incase yous are interested ?


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No rev counter as its the s3 dash but I was planning on running a few extra gauges as its just the speedo that appears to function aswell.

Is there a easy way to add one?

I was thinking more of a hand held counter to stick on the crank nose. Sorry, should have been more specific!

Where in the world are you?

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I dunno tbh it seems to have a good bite pulling away but its anyones guess without a rev counter really

Im Livingston outside edinburgh.

Got the top of a 200tdi fuel pump which appears to be a bosche ve style aswell so just need some way to attach the vac line into the inlet and hopefully im in business.

Another small goal today got a ifor williams canopy relativley cheap for it gonna take it to a vw show next month and camp in the back


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Probably bronze green, thought the engine bay photo makes the green a bit bright. The wheels look like fades Limestone. T-cut would restore the colours nicely.

Unless my eyes/screen are very bad I'd say your truck looks more blue, (maybe it's the light)in which case it would be marine blue.

My first LR was a 1972 88" in marine blue.

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Lmfao its deffo green just now it has been blue at somepoint judgeing by the flakey paint though. I never thought of tcut on it being proberely origenaly painted with a paintbrush an roller

To be honest I was just gonna repaint it to tidy it up the beds a bit rough too pannel wise its tidy enough just the paints not been prepped very well by the look of it never washed it in two years so maybe ill run it through the jet wash when its built back up ?

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ive got the same engine in my project truck and when i first got the engine in and running i had a similar problem as mine wouldnt rev when under load it turned out to be a second filter/gauge inside the fuel pump, am i right in thinking your using the V8 LT77 Long lever gearbox?

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