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Brake flexi length for Gwyn Lewis challange suspension kit on Defender

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Hi All

Fitting Gwyn Lewis challenge suspension to my 110, I've found a set of braided flexi brake lines in my garage that I bought for my old 90 years ago but no idea now if they are extended (and if so by how much) or standard length.

Does anyone know what length flexis would be required for Gwyns kit?



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Not sure on the overall length but my +2" Goodrich rear hose struggles with the Gwyn Lewis kit, I've had to pend the T-piece on the axle upwards to get a little bit more length and it's still tighter than is ideal. I'd go for either +5" or braided lines the whole way along the vehicle if you are feeling flush.

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Cheers, Pretty certain the ones I have here would be +2 at the most so will have to order a set of +5 by the sounds of it.

I'd ideally like ones with stainless end fittings too if I'm changing, any ideas of anywhere that makes those?



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