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Replacing Rear Quarter Panel 110

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Hi Folks,

Got some corrosion on one side of my Defender 1996 110 - the "triangle" side rear quarter panel behind the second row doors.

Have done a number of searches but cannot see a definitive answer.

Seems the panel should be easy to remove (drill rivets), source a new piece and spray up (etch primer, etc...) before the fit.

However, the fit sounds a little more tricky. Riveting back in seems fair enough. However, number of searches suggest there may be some specialist spot welding required to the wheel arch? Is this true? Do not have or access to any such kit.

How DIY is it to replace this panel or should I get this work done along with other work while in the garage for chassis "rust proofing"?


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Here's where they were ordered from:


The panel arrived yesterday. Appears to already be coated rather than raw aluminium.

Need to now figure out whether it "simply" needs a clean ready for spray or other preparation. Thoughts peeps?


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Thanks for the response. When you say rub down, this would be lightly so as to give the surface a key for the primer as opposed to down to metal?

Not done anything like this before so any tips would be useful. Planning on using the Land Rover colour code matched spray cans and lacquer.


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