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Charged level on twin battery setup

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Hi everybody its been quite a while since I was on the forum.

Things have been a bit busy with work and home so I didn't manage to MOT the 90 last year and so haven't used the old girl since last July but I have been firing her up periodically to keep liquids moving around the system.

The other day I found it needed several turns of the engine to fire up as both batteries were very low on charge even though I have a solar charger. I was speaking to a friend who said that these batteries develop a memory and as such I might have a problem if they have been run low for any length of time. The batteries are a pair of 12 volt,deep cycle (liquid not gel) leisure batteries the kind with four terminals.

I have a T-Max SPLIT charge system and when I pushed the monitor button after charging the levels were 12.2 volts for the primary battery and 12.6 for the auxiliary battery.

I know this might be a dumb question but I don't know a thing about "eletrickery" does this sound right as I seem to remember the levels reading A much higher level in the past but that could be a memory fail on my part :blush: .

Or could it be that the engine whilst running would cause the monitor to indicate a higher level because its charging? The led indicator on the charger states both batteries are fully charged?

Any thoughts ?


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12.6V is OK, 12.2 shows discharged, disconnect the two and give them a charge with a proper charger independently.

Then check the battery voltages after 24 hours, they should be both over or at 12.6V really. :)

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Buy a ctek charger, they are supposed to recondition a battery and are a great bit of kit.

Well I have to say the ctek charger was a triumph, reconditioned both batteries and the primary battery has even got the green blob back in the "magic eye" indicator.

Many thanks.


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