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D3 / RRS Connector Query


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The drivers side heated seat has never worked on my RRS. I previously 'fixed' it by sticking an after market Defender seat heater to the inside of my seat cover and have it plugged in to the rear lighter socket.

I thought it would me nicer if I could control it from the switch on the dash.

I've followed the wires out of the seat to this connector:

post-74-0-41521200-1461446858_thumb.jpg post-74-0-73666400-1461446890_thumb.jpg

Part of this multi-connector assembly.


Under the drivers seat.

Do you know where I can obtain just the 4 pin heated seat connector as pictured above? It's obviously a Ford connector, made by Amp. There is only one hit on google for the part number - but it shows as out of stock.

I'd prefer not to cut the connector off the seat itself to wire it in.

Thanks in advance,


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I decided just to extract the two pins I was interested in, solder tails on and re-insert the pins.

Seems to work quite well! I had a warm bottom on my way to work this morning at 5am!#


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