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Front hub id please

De Ranged

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Im off work at the moment (carpell tunnel surgery) so I'm sorting a disk conversion for my mates series front axle... I've got a viable combo of caliper and disk, the disk will require a bit of machining tho (on a slightly comical note both are from sports cars)

Anyway I've struck an interesting problem with the axle (from a SII ute) The hubs are different left to right

This is the right one (which I'd like to find another of)


Made by Leys (there name is cast into the back of it), its 15mm thick with the studs rececessed in on the back (inside) face.... ideal for me to work with as its a nice flat mounting face for the disk spacer/adapter to bolt to

This is the Left hand side


Again made by Leys as you can see but the backside (inside) face is patterned and the studs are proud and to top it off the flange is thinner so I don't want to machine a face on this if I can avoid it

Can anyone give me any information on the first one the right hand side one, I'm guessing they are from different series or maybe a suffix change

Oh and I'll post up the details on the conversion for those interested when I'm finished,

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