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RV8 4.0/4.6 Knock Sensors - special bolts


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I have just about finished the building of my V8 4.6 out of a 4.0 block. I went to bolt on the knock sensors but find the hole in the block is larger than he hole in the sensor.

Looking at my engine build book it has a sensor that looks like a pressure or temp sensor that just screws in but my sensors are the different eyelet type that has some sort of bolt that screws into the block to secure the sensor. I am assuming that there is some sort of stud that screws into the block and the sensor is bolted to this.

Can someone confirm before I go to find stuff that will fit.



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You probably need something similar to this:


I have similar on my turbo MX5 - you screw the mount like that to the block, then the eyelet type sensor onto that. I would imagine that the RV8 block would prob have different threads etc so you'd need to do your research, or find someone with a lathe to make you something...

Other option would be to swap to the original type sensors, as long as the response is the same...

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