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Defender fuel system

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Hi everyone , first ever post ! Owned 1994 ex army defender 110 for two years now , and now have a question - poor starting and runs out of fuel even tho it's showing 1/4 of a tank of fuel on the gauge , there is 1/4 of a tank of fuel in there but it is not coming up the pipe , I took the tank down and replaced the tube in the top but that may be the return fuel ? It has a sedimentor on the side of the tank and I've cleaned that out , is the pipework that draws fuel up built inside the tank and if so how do I find the right fuel tank as the ones I've found don't look to have the right attachment for the sedimentor ? Many thanks , Terry

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I'm not familiar with this tank but if the fuel feed pipe is from the top then the pickup pipe that it's connected to is a vertical pipe in the tank which may have rusted off at the position where you 'run out' of fuel, if this is the case and you have to effect a repair your best bet would be to fit a new fuel outlet nearer the bottom of the tank, about an inch off the bottom to prevent any sediment being sucked up, to do this you'd need to empty, clean out and de-gas the tank and have it done professionally.

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