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Freelander 1 no start


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Can anybody help me. I have a Freelander 1 2lt diesel. The timing belt broke so I pulled the head off expecting bent valves but it only smashed the lifters. Put everything back together (new gasket bolts tappets etc} Timing is spot on, pin locking crankshaft, cam gear aligned perfectly. Injector pump locked in place. Fitted new belts, It wont start, checked compression 275-350 psi across the cylinders. Fuel gets to the injectors. So fuel, compression, correct timing, still no go !!!! have I missed some special Land Rover thing ??

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try giving it a squirt of easy start , and see if it fires up , if it doesnt its got to be a valve timing problem , coz if the valves and crank are timed correct it will fire, even without any diesel injection . If it does fire then its injection problem , either no injection or wrong time totally . HTSH

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