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Chassis Galvanized Swap

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Hi everyone :D

Im hoping the get some needed answers on this question i have...

So im in the middle of Defender 90 1990 restoration project,and i am now looking to buy a new Galvanized chassis and do the swap.

Im looking at richards chassis in uk and they don't stamp theyre chassis.

So can i just buy a chassis stamping kit of some type and stamp my self and destroy the old chassis?

Or will land rover stamp a new one or even stamp the old vin on the new galvanized one?

Or can i cut the old vin off and just keep it and not put any number on new one??

Im based any Irelan if the help with some of the questions?



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1 st thing only a vehicle manufacturer can legally stamp a VIN on a chassis , having said that in the real world its slightly simpler

to have a stamped VIN . In the event of it being subjected to a VIC it will be immediately evident that it is a diy job . This in reality is not the end of the world , as various other ID points will be used to corroborate the vehicle identity . I would keep the photographic evidence of the old chassis , and the portion of chassis with the stamped vin basically to prove its not providing id for another vehicle somewhere else . So put the vin on , and put it in a hidden spot as well in case the vehicle gets stolen. Land rover wont do anything for you BTW There are quite a few newish vehicles out there without stamped vin I wont mention the biggest offender , but its not a UK manufacturer

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Richards will stamp for "export".

If you get the new chassis with an invoice from the manuf. - like Richards - you can legally swop the chassis.

Contact likes of DVLA / VOSA for your correct procedure. Some countries require you to keep the part from the old chassis with the # in it.

I'm quite sure the seller will be able to inform you how to do this officially - you're not the first to do it.

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I did a photo record of cutting my old one off as a complete lump of flat metal in a distinctive shape (clear in the photos). I then riveted it to the new chassis in a hidden, hard to reach, place on the new chassis before fixing the body on. If there were ever a case of proving it was a direct replacement I reckon it would be hard to argue with the evidence.

Mind you, my original VIN number was preceded with the BL symbol so would also be pretty hard to fake

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When I did my galv chassis, I cut out & kept the original VIN section, it's sat here on my desk, DVLA will give you a letter with a new VIN in a totally different form[to the original VIN] but still 17 digits, to be stamped in by a LR garage & they counterstamp/sign the DVLA letter which has to be sent back, then your V5 is amended, I spoke to my regional VOSA office, they said it's a like for like so don't get DVLA involved.

as OF above my VIN has the BL circular badge at both ends of the number.

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I've just saved the corner of the old chassis and won't bother with stamping the new one. The car can be ID'd from the VIN plate under the bonnet and if anyone ever queries it I have proof that I cut up the old one (retained piece plus photos), and proof that I replaced it with a brand new one (receipt from Marslands and the stamped date code on the new chassis) as required by the rules.

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