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MAT sensor trouble

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Hi all. Both tuner studio and megatune are not reading my MAT sensor, I have re wired the plug and checked continuity from plug to earth and plug to pin 20 on the D37 both read fine with no resistance. I recently bought another kit from nige and have tried the new sensor from that but still nothing. Surely I can't have had two dead sensors bought a year apart? I assume there not polaric? Any ideas?

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You would think that wouldn't you but I gave the electrical half of the kit to pete so he could get a head start with finding places for the ecu ect. Like I say I have continuity from red/black through the plug to pin 20 and the same on earth.

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It tests the internal reference voltage is present at the pin via the resistor R4 (assuming V2.2 PCB, but I believe the circuit is the same on the V3). The other thing to do would be grounding pin 20 and see what tuner studio shows.

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