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stumpy reverse wiring

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Hi all, upgraded the gearbox on my 110 200tdi project to an r380 stumpy from Ashcrofts and I'm just fitting my new wiring loom came to wiring the reverse in off the gearbox and I'm stuck . I've got 2 black wires coming off the gearbox and a black/blue trace off the chassis loom, do I connect one of the wires from the gearbox to the black/blue wire and then earth other or connect both to the black/blue wire ? any help would be much appreciated

cheers Ian

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Cheers vulcan bomber sort of stumbled on to that one just whilst doing the td5 clocks upgrade, as you can tell I'm a novice at this. So what are the colour of the wires that the wires off the gearbox need to be attached too ? As the extension supplied with the new loom that goes from the main loom on to the gearbox is also 2 black wires All help much appreciated

cheers Ian

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cheers western :i-m_so_happy: sorted that one. Got another one, the connections for the rear lights are as far as I have found out

red , green/purple trace black = side/ stop lights

red/yellow trace fog lights

green/white and green/red indicators

green/brown trace reverse

what are the red/black trace wires for ?

cheers Ian

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Red/black = LH tail light & reg plate light

Red/orange = RH tail light

green/purple = brake lights

green/red = left rear indicator

green/white = right rear indicator

green/brown = reverse lights

red/yellow = rear fog

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